Ladies Work Gloves that Fit the Bill


ImageFinally, someone had the brains to produce ladies work gloves that cater for the HUGE women’s market of DIY & Construction Industries!!

For those women fed up with wearing men’s gloves that just DON’T fit right!!

TUFF CHIX Gloves by Paige Hemmis – When Extreme Makeover – Home Edition star, Paige Hemmis asked Ironclad to design a glove that was tough enough to build houses and would fit a woman’s hand; they answered the challenge and introduced the Tuff Chix™ glove!


  • Seamless fingertip design for added comfort and nail protection
  • Reinforced fingernail guards
  • Anatomically patterned to fit and move with a woman’s hand
  • Washable synthetic leather palm with patented flex pattern


Hand and Power Tool Use, Equipment Operation, Landscaping, Gardening, Home Maintenance

Whilst I had to wait a week for them to arrive, the online shopping store was awesome in keeping me informed of my order progress.  I think if you really want a product, especially something as special as this one, it certainly doesn’t bother me if I have to wait a week, as long as I am updated of the order progress of course!!

Being hands on DIY mother of 5, I HAD to give these a try, whilst I don’t have time to get my nails manicured; it was nice to know my nails were protected.  When they arrived I instantly fell in love, the colour was right up my alley, Pink!! Who could ask for anything more girly?  I got right to work testing them out; gardening up a storm, sanding down furniture and repairing the backyard fence posts.  It was nice to have something so comfortable and fitting well without constriction of men’s small size gloves and having the protection of the knuckle guards.  They certainly get my 5 star tick of approval – looking forward to telling my girlfriends and sisters about them that’s for sure!!

Click here for the link to buy!!

Stay tuned for more shopping reviews as I try and buy more products from

Have something you would like me to review? Contact me on and I will test it out for you and let you know the pros and cons!!



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